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Flexible Payment Plans

Our fees are simply based on the difficulty of your case and include retainers that may be fixed or removable.

At your free online or in-person exam, Dr. Nirenblatt and his staff discuss the total cost of your treatment and available payment plan options with you so you are able to make the best decision for yourself and your smile.

Our financing is done in our office by our staff and not by an outside third party.

We know orthodontics is a big financial commitment for families. Our staff has helped thousands of families in Charleston over the years with their orthodontic payment plans.

Together, we will create a custom payment plan that fits your budget so you will know what to expect before beginning treatment. We accept most credit cards and offer convenient bank account autopay options.


We Accept Most Insurance & HSAs

If you provide your accurate insurance information to us in advance by text or email we will contact your insurance company to predetermine your orthodontic benefit so you will know it on the day of your free consultation exam.

Our office staff will file your insurance claim(s) as a courtesy to help you.

Please help us by contacting your insurance company as well. Please understand that insurance is a benefit provided to you by your employer or purchased by you.

Our relationship is not with your insurance company but with you, so if your insurance does not pay, it is your financial responsibility to pay.