Touch-Up Your Smile With Our Affordable In-House Aligners

Orthodontic treatment is a financial, emotional, and physical investment in your oral health. After spending many months in braces or aligners, most patients swear to always use their post-treatment retainer as directed! Unfortunately, it can be easy to forget how important retainers are once some time has passed, and that determination doesn’t always last forever. That’s why we’re taking a look at you can touch-up your smile with our affordable in-house aligners.

Here at Nirenblatt Orthodontics, we often hear from previous patients who have stopped wearing their retainer regularly. In some cases, they aren’t even sure where it is anymore! They get in touch because the teeth they spent so much time straightening have begun to shift, and they want to know if there’s anything we can do to help.

Fortunately, there is! Dr. Nirenblatt treats patients of all ages in North Charleston and the surrounding areas, including adults in need of minor touch-ups. Relapses aren’t uncommon, and they’re relatively easy to treat. But what is a relapse? Can they happen even if you’ve been careful about wearing your retainer? How can a relapse be treated? We’re here to answer all these questions—and more!—so keep reading below to learn how we can restore the straight smile you love.
What causes a relapse?
Not wearing your retainer might be the most common reason for an orthodontic relapse, but it’s far from the only cause. Relapses can occur under several other circumstances, including the following.

Genetics and aging

As we get older, our teeth naturally begin to shift. This is something every adult deals with, even those who had a perfectly straight smile for years! The front teeth in particular can be affected by this, due to the enamel also beginning to wear thin as we age.

Tooth loss

If one or more teeth have been lost due to decay or periodontal disease, the surrounding teeth may begin to drift towards the empty space. If left untreated over a long enough period of time, this can eventually end up in a misaligned bite.

Teeth grinding

Also known as bruxism, grinding can place added strain on the teeth. This excess wear and tear has the potential to alter your bite and sometimes cause misalignment.

Why are retainers so important?

Although they look very different, orthodontic appliances like braces and aligners work in similar ways. They both apply gentle pressure to the teeth, slowly moving them into more desirable positions over time. It’s really important to keep that pressure going, both during treatment and once the orthodontic process is complete. A retainer adds the stability and tension your teeth need to stay in their new places! If retainers aren’t worn regularly post-treatment, the teeth will begin to shift back to their previous positions over time. This can add to the total treatment time and may affect the overall results.

Treating orthodontic relapses

It can be upsetting to see your teeth shifting for any reason, but our expert team is here to help! If you’ve been wearing your retainer as directed and there’s only a small amount of minor shifting present, Dr. Nirenblatt may suggest monitoring your teeth for any further shifting or having new retainers made.

If you’ve suffered a significant relapse, re-treatment may be necessary. The good news is, correcting a relapse often takes much less time than the original treatment did. Dr. Nirenblatt will often use clear aligners to correct relapses, as they work particularly well for mild to moderate orthodontic issues. He’s been using various aligners since 1999, and in that time, has successfully treated hundreds of patients with a variety of needs. Our in-house 3D printed aligners are perfect for touching up teeth that have relapsed and restoring the beautiful smile you’ve been missing!

Making relapse treatment affordable

Here at Nirenblatt Orthodontics, we believe everyone should have access to high-quality care and affordable treatment options. We’ve helped thousands of Charleston families achieve a confident smile thanks to our custom payment plans. Our financing is done in our office by our staff instead of an outside third party. We also offer many discounts!

Hometown Heroes discount

We offer a 10% discount off the total treatment cost for military personnel, first responders, and educators with a valid ID or proof of employment. We appreciate your service to our community!

10% pay in full discount

If you do not need a payment plan and would like to pay for your treatment in full, we offer a 10% cash discount off the total cost of treatment, excluding insurance.

Refer a friend and receive an account credit

For each friend you refer that starts full comprehensive treatment with us, you will receive a credit to your orthodontic account.

Family discount

We offer a second-family member discount for your loyalty to our practice.

We also accept most insurance and HSAs. If you provide your insurance information to us by text or email, we can contact your insurance company to predetermine your orthodontic benefits before your consultation. For your convenience, our team is also happy to file your insurance claims for you.

Touch-Up Your Smile With Our Affordable In-House Aligners
Get your smile back on track with aligners from Nirenblatt Orthodontics

Whatever the reason for your orthodontic relapse, it doesn’t have to ruin all your previous hard work and dedication. Our expert team can turn your frown upside down with relapse treatment using our custom clear aligners!

Choosing to touch-up your past orthodontic treatment will get your smile back on track, improve your oral health, and increase your confidence. Are you ready to take the first step towards finding a beautiful smile you can be proud of again? Get in touch with today to schedule a FREE consultation with Dr. Nirenblatt!